Top 5 reasons to choose a microcamper?

Small camper vans are about getting back to basics and enjoying the most that nature has to offer.

If you love the great outdoors and are fairly minimal, then a small campervan is a wonderful way to explore and create adventures! Small campers offer the perfect balance of comfort and convenience whilst being practical for day to day driving and parking.

You can drive a micro camper with ease compared to a bigger campervan and this means you can easily explore those smaller country roads and lanes. It also means you are able to get to those hidden places that many bigger campervans would tend to stay away from. They are similar to the average family car however smaller than a Volkswagen camper. The concept is simple, they allow enough room inside to perform the most basic of tasks whilst still having that bespoke campervan vibe.

A micro camper is an excellent choice for either a solo traveller or couple. They offer an immediate solution to get ‘on the road’ and are essentially a small motorhome without too many fancy frills. Due to the reduced space (i.e. lack of toilet and shower facilities) they are typically suited for overnight and weekend stays on campsites. They are also ideal for festival-goers, hikers, wild swimming enthusiasts or fishing fans, as they can be parked in tricky to access places, are great for driving to remote walking areas and are perfect for pitching up near fishing spots or at the beach. They are not just a vehicle but a lifestyle change.

What makes micro campers our first choice? We sat down and made a list of our top 5 reasons to choose a micro camper:

1. Compact and convenient

From the outside, the micro camper may look like a simple, everyday vehicle but inside the conversion offers a charming space that is both relaxing and beautiful. It is also concealed and does not look like a campervan from the outside. The vehicle itself is practical and easy to drive and park. Perfect if you do not like driving large vehicles! They are useful for stealthier parking spots and perfect for driving in cities (we convert ULEZ compliant campers as well). They are extremely multi-functional from quick adventures in the countryside, to nipping to your local supermarket or taking your dog to the beach. It means you could use it as the sole vehicle you own.

2. Everything you need

Our micro campers come with everything you need for a day or weekend away, including bed and living space, storage, electric hook up, a portable stove and kitchen unit with a refillable water container and a small sink.

3. Cheap to run 

Since our micro campers are based on a car, there is no extra cost for insurance cover and these vehicles are often cheap to run and maintain. They are a cheaper to buy and more affordable motorhome.

4. Cheaper camping

Many campsites will charge you less due to the compact size of your campervan. Or if you pitch a tent/awning next to your camper you can pay for the rate for a tent instead of a camper.

5. Expandable and flexible

You are not limited to just the inside space of the camper. There are options to add a drive-away awning so you can gain extra sleeping and living space when camping and travelling. Ask us for a recommendation!

We hope you found this blog post useful and it helps you to feel that little bit more confident in making your own campervan dreams a reality.

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